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The Arboretum at the Pritchard Community Center

The Arboretum offer visitors the opportunity to view an exciting and educational display of plants suitable for use in an urban growing environment. The display of hardy plants offers ideas for home and business landscapes. A low maintenance, durable, and attractive landscape is achieved through a careful selection of ornamental plants.

The Arboretum is a collection of over 62 ornamental, shade and flowering trees. It also contains over 27 varieties of shrubs and over 20 types of perennial and ornamental grasses. Mass plantings of spring flowering daffodils and summer flowering daylillies are scattered throughout. The plants in the design of the Arboretum were selected for these characteristics: Improved flowering displays, improved fruiting capabilities, strong foliage, improved branching, stem and root structure, and reduced maintenance requirements.

Many of the trees are new cultivars such as Appalachian Redbud, White Redbud and some are pre-historic such as the Dawn Redwood know only by fossils until 1945. There are memorial tree plantings along the 5 educational trails in the Arboretum. The five trails display a different theme for each. The five trails are: Open Forest Loop, Forest Ridge Loop, Meadow Loop, Sun and Shade Loop and the Creekside Meadow.

Color can be seen all year. The early flowering plants would be Parrotia the Persian Iron Wood and Arnold Promise witch hazel blooming in February and March. Flowers continue with Crabapples, Dogwoods, Magnolias, and the Royal Empress Tree. Colorful summer foliage abounds with the yellow of Gold Mops False Cypress, the dark Green of Cave Hill American Holly, Purple European Beech, multi colored Hostas. The Arboretum is maintained by Let's Spruce Up with the mission of to design and implement landscaping and planting projects which result in beautification of the Elizabethtown community.

A map is available at the Pritchard Community Center that list all the plants in the Arboretum and shows the 5 trails. Groups who wish to tour the Arboretum are welcome and can call the Pritchard Community Center for more information. 270-765-5551.

Enjoy the beauty of "natures air conditioners" and the solitude of relaxation.