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Sports & Recreation

Basketball at the Pritchard Community Center

Basketball has been the main sport played at the Pritchard Community Center since its founding back in 1979. Monday at the PCC, basketball is king and during winter school breaks, it is not unusual for the Center to have over 100 basketball players visit our two gyms.

For just a dollar, a player can have unlimited playing time plus the Center provides basketballs for groups to play. Two full-court gyms are available plus the Center also has portable lower goals for smaller kids to enjoy the sport.

The PCC also has outdoor courts with one full-court and two other goals for playing half court. There is no charge for playing on these courts and the Center has even installed lighting this past year for playing after dark if weather is permitting.

If you are wanting to know if a court if available, call our basketball hotline at 270-769-7442.

Racquetball Courts At Pritchard Community Center

There are only 3 racquetball courts in Elizabethtown that are active. Two of those courts are at the Pritchard Community Center. Both courts at the center have gone under a makeover in January of 2014 with walls being painted and floors being sanded, lines added and sealed.

Racquetball players can play on the court for a small fee of $5 per hour. This low fee allows two players only pay $2.50 and if doubles are played that hour, split four ways, the fee drops to only $1.25 per player. Both courts are heated and have air conditioning for play during the summer months.

The two courts are open 7 days a week. The Center also has racquetball rackets for rent for $1 and racquetballs are available upon request.

Indoor Tennis At The Pritchard Community Center

JANUARY 2014 – At present, the only indoor tennis offered in the city of Elizabethtown is at the Pritchard Community Center. During our fall and winter hours, tennis is blocked off for Tuesdays from mid-November through mid-March. Tennis is also offered on select Wednesdays depending on bookings at the PCC.

The Oak Room is one of our two gyms and the carpet is inlayed with lines for singles and doubles play. Players have access also to vending machines plus lockers and showers if they want to play and return to work.

Reservations must be made for court time. You can make them by calling 270-765-5551. Courts rent for $20 for 1 1/2 hours.

Weight Room At The Pritchard Community Center

You can use the weight room at PCC for only $1. You can also purchase a monthly weight card for only $10 and take advantage of unlimited visits during the month to the weight room.

The weight room features:

  • 2 treadmill walking machines
  • Stair step climbing machine
  • Universal Weight Machine
  • Multi-Free weights (1 – 100 lb. weights)
  • Two bench pressing benches
  • Incline bench
  • Preacher curl bench
  • Chin-up bar